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"online diary" - a biweekly column in the new york times

column 80
My Final Diary: A Last Look at Web Destinations
column 79
Private Pictures for All; Big Buddy is Watching You; Online Health Calculators; On the Radar
column 78
Literary Chain Letter; Fake Titles; Jeff Harris's Day in the Life; On the Radar
column 77
A Formula to Please Music Critics; A Summer Book Tour; Online Weather School; On the Radar
column 76
New Realm for Rowling; TvEyes; Dissect a Speech with Textalyser; On the Radar
column 75
Email Telepathy; Trading DVDs Online; RSS for Charity; On the Radar
column 74
Time Capsules Meet Geocaching; A Greek Island Reunited; Morguefile; On the Radar
column 73
Morphing Faces; Dude, Check This Out; Font Fun; On the Radar
column 72
The Trixie Code; Web Playlists; Untangling Threads with Netscan; On the Radar
column 71
Study Response; Random Numbers; Books With a Voice; On the Radar
column 70
Kindness of Strangers; For the Nostalgic Gamer; Parsing a Parsec; On the Radar
column 69
Please Sign Here; Digital Bloodhound; Imaginary Girlfriends; On the Radar
column 68
Big Ideas; GoHook Auctions Database; Bar Code Yourself; On the Radar
column 67
Your Celebrity Idol; Creature of the Day; Wikitravel; On the Radar
column 66
Virtual Graves; Haunted by a Song; World Internet Project; On the Radar
column 65
Is a Pen Male or Female?; The ESP Game; Google as Dictionary; On the Radar
column 64
The Year in Searches; Best and Worst of 2003; Stat Wrap; On the Radar
column 63
The Grocery Game; Mr. Toad Rides Again; Open Video Project; On the Radar
column 62
Political Profiling; Blunt Truth; Places Online; On the Radar
column 61
Parsing Thanksgiving Recipe Searches; Positive Press; NaNoWriMo; On the Radar
column 60; Stump the Bookseller; Interview Hitler; On the Radar
column 59
Blog Bog; E-Mail Pony Express; Location Shot; On the Radar
column 58
A Cyberstalker Typology; Wordsmith; Please Release Me; On the Radar
column 57
Celebrities On Call; Creative Test; Under My Skin; On the Radar
column 56
Gender Genie; Amazon Fun; How Everyday Things Are Made; On the Radar
column 55
Darwinian Poetry; Accent the Positive; Color My Web; On the Radar
column 54
Can Johnny Blog?; Daily Jolt of College Life; National Geo's One-Stop Research; On the Radar
column 53
BumpList; 'Word of God' Search Engine; Most Emailed Photos; On the Radar
column 52
True Stories; Magic Mail; Zip It; On the Radar
column 51
Summer Reading Sites; Me and BillyBob; ARKive; On the Radar
column 50
Start Your Broomsticks; Natalie's Fotolog; ListsofBests; On the Radar
column 49
Friendster; Group Wish Lists; Net Research; On the Radar
column 48
Test Your Biases; Acrophobia Returns; When I Was Little; On the Radar
column 47
You Can Be a Film Mogul; BuddyZoo; Rent a Book; On the Radar
column 46
Inside the Old Bailey; The Art is in the Mail; Pronunciation Guides; On the Radar
column 45
Sam Brown Liked My Title; Accountability Partners; Mapping Network Theory; On the Radar
column 44
20 Questions; Get Crunk in the Drop; Shorter Emails; On the Radar
column 43
Emergency Emails; TalentDig; Words Bursts; On the Radar
column 42
Classroom Quotes; Photoblogs; The SIBL Project; On the Radar
column 41
Love Clicks; Cybersleuths; Location, Location...; On the Radar
column 40
Everyone I Know; Children's Art; Virtual Death; On the Radar
column 39
Ticketstub to Paradise; You Rule at; Sam's Blog (as in Pepys); On the Radar
column 38
New Year New Goals; Where Men Lose; Philosopher's Tome; On the Radar
column 37
Clickable Advent Calendars; Picture Yourself; 2002 On the Web; On the Radar
column 36
URL of Sandwich; Hoax Photo Test; TV With Footnotes; On the Radar
column 35
Cranberry Relished; Googling Around; Cataloguing the Imaginary; On the Radar
column 34
Tell Your Story; Chief Moose Watch;; Ellis Island Update
column 33
Halloween On the Web; Japanese Commercials; Laughter Lab; On the Radar
column 32
Dialect Survey; Bookmarklets; Drive Me Insane; On the Radar
column 31
Computer Waiting Games; Build Your Own Dictionary; Meetup; On the Radar
column 30
Ellis Island Dispute; First Lines; Don't Link to Us; On the Radar
column 29
Celebrity Dreams; Group Draw; Visible Earth; On the Radar
column 28
Blog Nation; Theban Mapping; Google by Mail; Pop Culture Junk Mail
column 27
Celluloid Physics; Blind Gossip; Post Imperfect; Librarians Let Loose; On the Radar
column 26
Free Your Books at BookCrossing;; A Man and His Stuff at; Five is Enough (
column 25
Independence Undone; Death Delivered; Crossword Poetry; Brevity Bunch; On the Radar
column 24
Yours, David; The Useless Files; Populist Playlists; Web Credibility
column 23
Ask Yahoo; The Voyeur Web;;
column 22
Photography Issue: The Historical Photo, The Hobbyists, The News Photo, The Caption
column 21
Ebert's DVD Democracy;; Devices of Wonder; Life Moments Online
column 20
Museum of Online Museums; Found Photos; When I Was Your Age; Did You Feel It?
column 19
Phobia List; He Surfed, She Surfed; 1911 Redux; Oops, Misspelled Britney Again
column 18
Spam Radio; All Look Same?; Fondest Wishes; Everything After 9/11
column 17
Mortal Countdown; A Long Way to Panama;; Flight 404
column 16
Numbers Game; Chu Who?; Weatherbug; Transwate This
column 15
Love Letters; Googlewhacking; Olympics Site Unseen?; E-Mail Lit
column 14
Barncams; Tech Illiteracy; Idea Banks; Random Errors
column 13
Save My Show; Web Shrinking?; I'm Paul!; Keyboard Thrills
column 12
Funny Business; In the Film Loop; Help for Net Addicts; The Year in Searches
column 11
Usenet Unearthed; Art of the Error Messsage; It or Not It; Death Be Not Found
column 10
Online Secret Santa; Presidential Prayer Team; Nokia Game
column 9
Thanksgiving Phrasebook; Harry Potter for Adults; Theme Park Insider
column 8
Middling Earth; Long URLs; Make a Shorter Link;
column 7
Ebooks in Libraries; The End of Free?; What Becomes a Legend; Mapping Cyberspace
column 6
No More AOL CDs; Foresight Exchange; Ebooks on 9/11; Hunger Site Returns
column 5
Web Sites for Keeping Up With the Tragedy
column 4
The Online Aftermath of 9/11
column 3
Lies, Damned Lies, and Emails; George Carlin Fights Back; ICQ = I Seek Status; Dreams and Nightmares
column 2
Dear Thermostat, Sex and the Surname, The Chattering Class, Selectors, In Search of Marijuana
column 1
Mining Ellis Island, Back-Seat Mouser, Demise of Hunger Site, Movie Spoilers, Quickbrowse

culture stories

one picture, one thousand tags, for the new york times
what do you see when you see a work of art? let the world know by adding your "tags" to online databases of famous artworks
flexible hours, using your PC, and never leaving home, for the new york times
online volunteering, long thought of as more superficial than on-site volunteering, has entered a new, smarter phase
internet matchmaking: those offering help and those needing it, for the new york times
after hurricane katrina, web denizens found new ways to help victims by establishing their own charity networks online
passionate peeping into others' depths, for the new york times
a new magazine collects prurient Polaroids, smutty journals and raunchy drawings that have been found on the street, under Coke machines, in abandoned houses -- whereverer things get lost
"the secret garden" has deep island roots, for the new york times
frances hodgson burnett's masterpiece was written in a garden overlooking long island's manhasset bay
sites and sensibilities: a world without end for fans of jane austen, for the new york times
janeites have created hundreds of online stories inspired by austen's novels
mining the minds of the masses, for the new york times
a new type of online volunteering taps the excess brainpower, and good will, of web users
online book clubs: everything but the food, for the new york times
do you need muffins to discuss great books? no, but a modem helps
time in a bottle, for the new york times
new millennium? it's time capsule time
beyond geography: mapping the unknowns of cyberspace, for the new york times
creating maps of the 'common mental geography' that lies beyond our computer screens
dear author, for salon
what happened when novelist vikram chandra put his email address on his books
fleeing spam, some go by way of the foo, for the new york times
entering a fake address may not prevent unwanted e-mail, just deflect it
you are what you type, for salon
why are online personality tests so popular?
aiming camera at web - and himself, for the new york times
doug block's documentary on personal home pages
sweet slips of the ear, for the new york times
websites that collect mondegreens (misheard lyrics)
if a payphone rings, who will answer?, for the new york times
websites devoted to the mysterious imperative of a ringing payphone
personal polls help the nosy sate curiousity, for the new york times
about the george gallup in all of us
many sites to confess one's sins, for the new york times
catharsis without judgement
a different breed of freight-hoppers, for the new york times
hobo "ideal" thrives online
web erotica aims for new female customers, for the new york times
a sex site of their own, finally

business/media stories

korea's high-tech utopia
new songdo city, located on a man-made island of nearly 1,500 acres off the Incheon coast about 40 miles from Seoul, is rising from the ground up as a "ubiquitous city" where all major information systems (residential, medical, business, governmental and the like) share data, and computers are built into the houses, streets and office buildings
a cyberspace reading room for wise guys, for the new york times is the place where those interested in the Mafia, including current members, go for the latest underworld news
author goes directly to readers, for the new york times
novelist donna woolfolk cross set out to save her book from the trash heap with a personal marketing campaign that has included calling more than 350 reading groups who have chosen her book
behind bars, a market for goods, for the new york times
the incarceration rate has tripled since 1980. for some, statistics like that are a national embarrassment. for others, they are a marketing opportunity.
publisher's web books spark hardcover sales, for the new york times
science-fiction house baen books sells more printed books by giving away cheap -- or even free -- versions online
stalking the hot new trends on the lycos trail, for the new york times
there is such a thing as a crystal ball, at least when it comes to pop-culture trends
the spread of news by e-mail is becoming news itself, for the new york times
was last week's biggest news story the one most clicked on, or the one most passed around?
we got your e-mail, just don't expect a reply, for the new york times
can e-commerce ever command respect if no one answers your emails?

some shorter pieces I like

do-it-yourself cartography
mashing maps of just about anywhere with data on just about anything, for the nyt mag "year in ideas" issue
pass over a frothy mug of home brew version 1.0
it's only natural that open-source software would be followed by open-source beer!
please don't call it a g-rated dispute
the mpaa cracks down on the use of movie ratings to label fan fiction
an online insight into a suspect
michael mcdermott killed seven people at his workplace. he also had this amazon "wish list"
a new kit from lego for auteurs of bricks
lego has a new movie-making kit for kids, but adults have been showing so-called "brick films" on the web for years
a benefactor's link takes a hospital by surprise
the web offers donors of questionable reputation a chance to applaud their own generosity
law newsletter has to sneak past filters
there's a reason the e-mail newsletter tech law journal misspells words like "pornography"

writer's bio

I originated the "Online Diary" column for The New York Times and wrote it for three years (through August 2004). I'm a convert from the world of traditional media. A reporter and editor at CMP Media Inc. for nine years, I was most recently Director of Content Development for TechWeb. I left in the spring of '96 after the birth of my second child. I've happily returned to writing, with a focus on culture, both online and off. A graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism, I team-taught the first new-media workshop there in the spring of '95. I was also one of the original guides at (formerly The Mining Co.). For a year I covered the teeming, compelling, label-defying world of personal home pages, with an emphasis on online diaries and other forms of personal narrative.

and how do i contact you?

By email, of course. The address is pamo at optonline dot net

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